About Kimikaze


MARIO MAROLT – story writer, direction, sound producer, co-arranger, release manager, programming.

LEDA FANINGER BIBIC – app design, UI/UX designer, programming, Kimikaze logo, animations, conceptual co-flasher.

Prof. P. SKRATI – composer, arranger, piano, adoptation of Cosmic Symphonys, conceptual co-flasher.

Additional  C# programming and consulting :

LUKA MASKE – audio manager, timer, lock controller and more…

DARJO VUK – asset bundle

Big Thanks To :

BRIAN GREENE, EDWARD WITTEN and ALL scientists in the field of M-theory and Super String theory for helping us with the understanding of the matter.

MILADA MIRKOVIC – for meditation testings

GREGA BIRSA – for commissioning and developer links

ZIVA BRECELJ and KATJA SOMRAK (PTL Ljubljana) for working space

BORUT KRZISNIK – sound and text consultant

Thanks to NASA, for permission to use HUBBEL space telescope images.

Kimi & Li Marolt, Dejan Savic,

Boris Romih, Bratko Bibic,

Neva Faninger,

Tin Lea Miran Lasic,

Simon Vene and our families.