Meditate, sleep and relax with Super Strings

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Super Strings Cosmic Symphonies meditation, relaxing and sleeping application is the first and unique sound experiment which utilizes new method of playing piano.

Using piano strings we created new sound, which has the same physical and mathematical properties as cosmic Super Strings, which are the base for scientific theory of the cosmos.

More information can be found in category ”Sound Theory”.

Listening to  “Super Strings” doesn’t require specific meditation techniques. Simply, let yourself flow with the music and try to give Cosmic Symphonies an active listening.

Music “Super Strings” can also be used for those specific kinds of meditation which permit music accompaniment (for example, guided meditations, etc).

For better sleep, we recommend listening to “Super Strings” in relaxed position in bed  right before sleep.

Music calms, relaxes body and soul and gives the feeling of self-realization, satisfaction and happiness.  Some practitioners report they saw clear and vivid inner light in violet color – according to Indian Vedas, this color is manifestation of the seventh, crown chakra (Sahashara).


If you are stressed out, listening to “Super Strings” could relieve the tension and help manage your psychical balance.


 Listening to “Super Strings” at low volume is very suitable for individuals presented with ringing in the ears (tinnitus). Pleasing harmonies of “Super Strings” turn our attention away from unpleasant sounds of tinnitus and help pushing them out of our conscience. Simultaneously, they relieve our psyche and relax our body and thus reach more lasting and stable results.

This application is builded for phones and tablets on Android system only!!!

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