Super Strings Sound Theory

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Super Strings Sound is the sound of piano strings, recorded and edited live in Cosmic Symphonies or, in other words, SUPER STRINGS PLAYS COSMIC SYMPHONIES.

The story was ignited by glorious, one of a kind Bosendorfer piano. It was made in 1940 and its unique sound inspired us and made us create these magnificent Cosmic Symphonies. Its extraordinary resonant  wooden body and steel frame enable sound to vibrate longer, with natural fullness and enormous richness of vibrating harmonics.

Pianist Prof. P. Skrati recorded some chords and sequences with the long release. Then we trimmed the starting portion of the sound which is the sound of the hammers, or »big bang«. We put chords in sequence and created transitions. Result turns out to be extraordinary. The idea was born and the project was titled after one of the most powerful theory of the cosmos, SUPER STRINGS.

Following that principle, Prof. P. Skrati records several works of both world class classical composers and himself in jazz style. Being experienced pianist and composer, he skillfully arranged all the compositions and thus created new music genre – COSMIC SYMPHONIES.  

In our studio we used special professional microphones and analog preamps, and the sound was recorded at extremely high level of gain (increased volume). We used no audio effects or post production interventions whatsoever, which serves our goal to create authentic and natural sound of piano strings, the same sound one hears in realistic situation with »naked ear«. It is possible to perform the experiment live by acoustic delay of the sound.

Cosmic Symphonies sounds mysteriously and magically at the same time.




According to physics, Super Strings and Piano Strings have similar properties. String can perform endless number of different wave patterns which interweave along the string’s length. That’s called resonance. In other words, spikes and troughs are evenly distributed across the length of the string so that they exactly fit its length. Our ears perceives different resonating wave patterns as a different pitches of the sound. Strings in the Strings theory have similar properties.

Let’s imagine for the moment that strike of the piano hammer is »big bang«. What follows is wave motion of the strings spreading out through space and time. Waving of the strings gradually weaken and die away in silence, timelessness. Could this process be similar to cosmos, which starts with big bang, spring out of the point of almost no mass and size, spread and grow larger in space and time till reaching the critical point when it starts to implode, reversing the process till sinking itself back into timeless point, like it was before the big bang?

According to science, there are many big bangs and many universes, which create so called Multiverse. In our case – Symphoverse. 🙂

Striking the piano keys, »big bang« of hammer striking the strings, releasing all piano strings by pressing the pedal and taking away »big bang« section of the sound creates mysterious and magical sound – the result of interaction of waves of all strings. Interferences and resonances between strings also interact with both piano wooden body and steel frame, where strings are fixed, complex interaction which gives countless combination of sound waves and that’s why it is impossible to produce the same sound twice. It is also very interesting that that interaction of sound waves, due to all physical laws and unpredictable interferences, give birth to new melodies and musical patterns. Although the starting chords and its harmonies are fixed, interaction between all the waves is the major factor which creates new melodies and musical patterns. That’s why even the same chords, due to infinite complexity and unpredictability of interaction of all waves always produce new melodies and musical patterns, which are never the same. That sound could have a name SOUND OF THE MULTIVERSE, or, as founder of M Theory Edward Witten says: MAGIC, MYSTERY, MATRIX. We borrowed his words and incorporated them into our project.   


          –  MAGIC – Sound of  Multiverse, 

          –  MYSTERY – Music Symphonies

          –  MATRIX – Piano aka Cosmic

                                  Sound System.

“This considerations are philosophical, the way it is scientist’s consideration without proofs”. -:)


Piano, or as we called it, COSMIC INSTRUMENT, contains matrix stretched strings fixed on steel frame and acoustically designed wooden body. All three elements have their specific way of vibrating and, similarly to symphonic orchestra sections, which are strings (strings, wood), woodwinds (wood), brass (metal), create harmonious sound. Regarding polyphony and composing, piano has the same characteristic as orchestra. After a few centuries of research and testing of the instrument, including  its material structure, shape and matrix distribution of strings, it proves to be the most refined acoustic instrument created by man.

With regard to our music performance, the difference between piano and symphonic instrument is as follows. Piano is polyphonic instrument and sound wave of a string has direct influence on strings, which no »big bang« has been performed on. Wave motion of unplayed strings creates sound which contribute to overall sound either directly or through rebounds against piano wooden and steel construction. There is a micro world of frequency waves in piano sound shell which mostly creates magical organic sound. It is not possible to achieve that by any other music instrument, nor even by entire symphonic orchestra.   


When violin plays, its sound, due to relatively big distance between strings instruments, can not interact with other strings instruments, let alone woodwinds or brass. So, the interaction between string frequencies of all string instrument in symphonic orchestra is very weak. On the other hand, piano creates micro world of sound waves, which are all dependent of each other and in continuous interaction. That’s why its magical sound and mysterious symphonies are so unique and specific.

It is very interesting that none who listened to Cosmic Symphonies so far has not recognized, what instrument they are played on. Usually we got answers like »bells«, instruments on bellows, special organ, Aeolian harp or synthesizer. Although we already revealed the secret of this sound to you, it would be equally interesting for you to do the same and give your friends a listen at Cosmic Symphonies and ask them to guess which instrument they are listening to.    

“Big Bang happens when we pass away, its echo is the life rolled backwards in our past, from death to birth”. 🙂


Music Symphonies composers in app are:

  1. L.Van Beethoven
  2. M.Ravel
  3. C.Debussy
  4. J.S. Bach
  5. and our own, if little known Prof. P. Skrati

Dedicated to

Nikola Tesla

Project SUPER STRINGS is unique musical creation.

All rights reserved.